Menopause Tips for Husbands: Supporting Your Partner Through the Transition


There was a time when most of the natural processes related to a woman’s body were discussed only in hush tones. Fortunately, times have changed, and women are no longer asked to keep everything about their bodies a secret. Menopause was one such topic that was forbidden to be discussed, but with women coming out … Read more

13 of the Most Beneficial Estrogen-Rich Foods

estrogen rich foods for menopause

When I began researching menopause and its causes, I could find one name surfacing time and again – i.e., estrogen. Upon further research, I garnered more information and learned that estrogen isn’t just a female reproductive hormone but is significant in several non-reproductive functions. From whatever I read, I concluded that 100% of the menopausal … Read more

Keto and Menopause: Does It Help?

keto and menopause

In the previous decade, the keto diet rose to immense popularity because of its role in reducing weight within a short span. Several studies have identified the importance of the keto diet in managing weight. Obese patients lost around 30 pounds of their weight after being on this diet for a good three months. The … Read more

Intermittent Fasting and Menopause: A Guide to Manage Weight and Hormones

intermittent fasting and menopause

The IFIC (International Food Information Council) showed in a survey conducted in 2022 that intermittent fasting surpassed the ketogenic diet in terms of popularity. Estimates mention that around 10% of people in America aged 18-80 resort to this form of diet. I would like to explain a little for those who aren’t aware of it. … Read more

What to Eat to Fight Hot Flashes in Menopause? 7 Comfort Foods

foods that fight hot flashes

Hot flashes are one of the major symptoms of menopause due to decreased estrogen hormone levels. The feeling associated with hot flashes isn’t a good one. You experience a sudden gush of heat, and the sweaty feeling engulfs you in no time. Hot flashes play a pivotal role in affecting your overall well-being. True that … Read more

Seed Cycling for Menopause: What Is It, Benefits & More

seed cycling for menopause

If you’ve been hooked on ways of controlling your hormone levels, seed cycling isn’t an unknown term to you. Seed cycling seems to be gaining immense popularity since 2020. Many wellness experts for women have often recommended seed cycling to cope with the troublesome symptoms in different phases of their menses due to hormonal imbalances. … Read more

Effective Menopause Diet: What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

Menopause Diet

Before we get to the role of diet in menopause, let’s look at an interesting survey from Murphy Research. [1] It says that women are more concerned about nutrition than their male counterparts. Around 72% of females are concerned about maintaining a food log, taking supplements, and discussing their diet with their doctors, nutritionists, or … Read more

How to Get Rid of Menopause Belly? Tips for a Flatter Stomach

how to get rid of menopause belly

Menopause is accompanied by several changes. These are the usual symptoms women face during this period, which include hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Of the many bodily changes a woman witnesses at this point in their life, one of them is that of the menopause belly. Gaining weight during menopause is quite common, … Read more