6 Best Cooling Pajamas for Menopause (+ Buying Guide)

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When I mention menopause, what comes to your mind first? Hot flashes, sleepless nights, and disturbing mood swings. Right? Irrespective of whether they’ve gone through menopause or not, for most women, hot flash is the most common symptom that most women There’s a reason. At least eight of ten women experience hot flashes when transitioning into menopause.

We often discuss the causes of hot flashes, the dos and dont’s, and so on. But, have we asked each other what’s the one thing that has comforted us during hot flashes? For me, it was my clothing – soft, comfortable, soothing, and made of a breathable fabric.

It would help me remain relaxed at work and even at night, particularly during a hot flash episode. When talking about the perfect outfits to give comfort during menopause, I cannot miss out on mentioning the cooling pajamas, exclusively designed to provide relief from intense heat. It’s apt for women going through regular bouts of hot flashes.

What was your menopause experience? Did hot flashes and night sweats trouble you immensely? What kind of clothing provided relief? Would you like to try cooling pajamas and know of their benefits? In this article, I have included some of the best cooling pajamas to help women during menopause. I have also added a buying guide to help you select appropriately. Let’s get started.

What are Cooling Pajamas?

As evident from its name, cooling pajamas are an outfit that helps to keep you cool and comfortable. Its USP lies in the soft, breathable fabric that goes into its making. These pajamas can wick moisture, making them effective in regulating body temperature.

It comforts all, specifically those who get too hot at night due to hot flashes and night sweats or living in warm climates.

List of the 6 Best Cooling Pajamas for Menopause

If you are considering buying cooling pajamas, here’s a guide to help you better. Of the ones I have included here, a few are based on personal experience, while some are recommendations from acquaintances.

1. Latuza Women’s V-neck Sleepwear

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A friend had recommended this one, and when I used it, I realized it was such a comfortable outfit. It is a blend of style and comfort. Along with the pajamas came a fashionable v-necked top. The pajamas are lightweight and soft, with the elastic waist making it stretchy and flexible. They come in a wide range of shades, and I bought two contrasting colors – one was a vibrant wine-red shade, while the other was soothing purple. They won’t just help you with a sound night’s sleep. You could wear them throughout the day as well. What I liked the most is the versatility in size. You’ll get them in different sizes, from small to 4X.


ProductShort-sleeved top and full-length pant
FabricViscose (95% -Bamboo; 5% Spandex)
ColorBlack, teal, purple, eggplant, wine red, light gray, gray, green, navy, coral, pink
Washing InstructionsMachine wash; don’t bleach, dry clean, or tumble dry; iron on low heat

2. Joyaria Womens Button Down Pajama

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I had expressed my desire to get elegant-looking yet comfortable sleepwear. Hola! She gifted me with this on one of my birthdays. And, believe me, wearing this one has been such a joy since then. The notch collar, the buttons gracing the shirt, and the long sleeves all add an appeal to the outfit.

Wearing this fantastic sleepwear gave me immense comfort during the warm months. If hot flashes have become your regular thing, this outfit will soothe you to the fullest. I got a gray one, but you could get it in different colors like coral, blush pink, gray, green, etc. You even have the option to go for printed ones like the floral or leopard designs.

Features In a Nutshell:

ProductLong-sleeved button-down top, chest pockets, long pants
Fabric95% viscose; 5% Spandex
ColorBlushing pink, dusty blue, green, sage green, peach coral, gray, lilies navy, black, dusty rose, olive, taro purple, gray, navy, white, dusty purple, blue, coral, coral polka dot, floral, leopard, navy polka dot, purple
Washing InstructionsMachine wash, don’t iron;

3. WiWi Viscose Pajamas for Women – Soft Sleeveless Tank Top with Shorts Pajama

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Do you wish to sleep in style? You will love this short, pajama, and sleeveless tank top. It’s lightweight, airy, and a perfect pick if you wish for something comfortable yet sassy. The lace trims lining the top and pajamas take their elegance to another level. I gifted my sister a pink pajama set last Christmas. There are ample colors to choose from, though. It comes in seven sizes – small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, 3x, and 4x.

Features In a Nutshell:

ProductSleeveless tank top and short pajamas
Fabric95% viscose; 5% Spandex
ColorAqua, black, dark gray, pink, heather gray, light purple, pale blue, Prussian blue, raspberry pink, red, wine red, dark green, wine red, navy blue
Washing InstructionsMachine wash (cold water); iron (in low steam)

4. Joyaria Cooling Pajamas Set Bamboo Viscose PJs

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I would like to share with you another stuff from my wardrobe. I prefer wearing these cool-looking pajama sets not just in summer but during winter as well. The bamboo fabric that goes into its making enhances its softness and smoothness. They come in various colors and patterns. My favorite is the tie-and-dye patterns, though.

This elegant sleepwear suits women of any age. If frequent night sweats are your thing, the cozy, comfortable feeling you’ll get upon wearing a pretty pajama set will help you sleep uninterruptedly at night. You get them in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large sizes.

Features In a Nutshell:

ProductShort-sleeved top, long pajamas
Fabric95% viscose; 5% Spandex
ColorDusty pink, green, navy polka dot, tie dye, tie dye purple-pink, black, blush pink, navy blue, olive, sage green, black, burgundy, coral, dark gray, light blue
Washing InstructionsMachine or hand wash; don’t iron at a high temperature; don’t bleach or dry clean; tumble dry at a low temperature

5. Joyaria Women Viscose Made from Bamboo Pajamas Set

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A friend in her postpartum phase had got this sleepwear as a gift. She shared the link, and the review I got from her urged me to buy one for myself as well. I love stocking sleepwear in different colors and designs. What I loved the most in this one was the chest pockets. Its full-button design makes this a remarkable outfit choice for nursing mothers. I like the ones made of a single shade.

However, you could also choose the floral-printed designs. The fabrics have a moisture-wicking ability and are soft to the touch. This makes the sleepwear a great choice during hot flashes and night sweats.

Features In a Nutshell:

ProductShort-sleeved top, capri pajamas
Fabric95% viscose; 5% Spandex
ColorBlushing pink, navy blue, dusty blue, cream
Washing InstructionsMachine or hand wash; don’t iron at high temperatures; don’t bleach or dry clean.

6. Joyaria Womens Cool/Cooling Pajamas Short Sleeve Pj Shorts Set

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The last one on my list is this incredible, funky pajama featuring boxer shorts and a short-sleeved top. The v-shaped neckline bordered by a satin trim adds a touch of elegance to this sleepwear. The smooth fabric makes this sleepwear refreshing and apt to wear on a hot day. You will get this one in six enticing colors – black, sage green, dusty blue, blue tie dye, dusty rose, and coral.

Features In a Nutshell:

ProductShort-sleeved top, shorts
Fabric95% viscose; 5% spandex
ColorBlue tie-dye, dusty blue, black, dust rose, sage green, coral
Washing InstructionsMachine wash

Buying Guide For Choosing Proper Cooling Pajamas

Buying Guide For Choosing Proper Cooling Pajamas

The most significant USP of these pajamas is their ability to keep you cool and refreshed, especially when your body gets heated due to the weather, hot flashes, or any other reason. While buying the cooling pajamas, you must remember to choose the right product to help solve your purpose. Here are a few things that you must consider:


This is the most vital aspect to remember while purchasing cooling pajamas. Check the product list thoroughly, and choose sleepwear made of smooth fabric, which gives you comfort when your body gets heated. The ones made from bamboo-based viscose and cotton will provide ultimate comfort.

Comfort Level

The primary purpose for buying a cooling pajama is to get ultimate comfort, particularly if your body has heated immensely due to the hot weather or hot flashes. Read the product description and even the reviews well. Choose ones that can wick moisture and are lightweight and durable. I always look for the elastic feature in the pajamas that makes them stretchy and flexible. Another thing that attracts my attention is the top, which has buttons. It makes it easily wearable.

Better Sleep

Better sleep is synonymous with comfort level. The main aim of getting the cooling pajamas is to ensure they comfort you during bedtime and help you sleep uninterruptedly. That’s why you must choose fabrics that are easy on the skin and give relief on nights when you’ve had a bad hot flash episode.


How do cooling pajamas help?

If we were to discuss the utility of cooling pajamas in menopausal women – I would say that it gives them comfort during hot flashes, one of the most common menopausal symptoms. If the flashes have made you sweat a lot, the moisture-wicking ability of these pajamas helps to cool you down, providing relief.

Which is the best material for cooling pajamas?

The preferable material choices for cooling pajamas include linen, silk, Tencel, and cotton because of their breathability. Though many pajamas are made from polyester, it’s essential to note that this fabric isn’t breathable.


We all know how uncomfortable hot flashes could be in menopause. The need of the hour is to cool down and find ways to feel comfortable. Wearing soft, breathable clothing is essential, among several other things to do during a hot flash episode. When at home, nothing could be as comforting as a cooling pajama. Choose tactfully, and ensure the selected product gives you ultimate relief.


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